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State of New Jersey Requirements for Carrying Firearms in Public in Wake of Supreme Court’s Decision

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Trenton NJ, in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down a New York law requiring people to demonstrate a particular need in order to get a permit to carry a handgun in public, Acting Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin today announced a directive clarifying requirements for carrying firearms in New Jersey.

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Murphy Rights a Wrong and Reopens Gun Stores


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Trenton NJ, NJ State Senator Michael Testa (R-1) released the following statement:

“I am pleased that Gov. Murphy is finally recognizing and honoring our constitutional right to bear arms, especially amid this State of Emergency.

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West Milford Becomes First NJ Town To Declare Itself a 2A Sanctuary


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West Milford NJ, West Milford is now a self-proclaimed “sanctuary township” for law-abiding gun owners, though the provocative designation is purely symbolic.

The township council approved last week a non-binding resolution that “opposes further interference with, or abridging of, the rights of lawful gun owners.”

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AG Grewal Issues Statewide Directive to Enforce New Jersey’s “Extreme Risk” Gun Safety Law


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TRENTON NJ, Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal today issued the nation’s first statewide directive to law enforcement implementing an “extreme risk” gun safety law. The directive, which applies to all 36,000 law enforcement officers in New Jersey, will make it easier for officers to keep firearms away from individuals who present a significant risk of harming themselves or others.

Attorney General Directive 2019-2 – known as the “Extreme Risk Directive”– guides and directs New Jersey’s law enforcement officers on the proper implementation of the state’s Extreme Risk Protective Order (“ERPO”) Act of 2018, which takes effect on September 1, 2019. The new law creates a process through which a family or household member, or a law enforcement officer, may apply for an order against a person who presents a significant danger of bodily injury to himself or others by possessing or purchasing a firearm. Issuance of such an order, known as an ERPO, prohibits that individual from possessing or purchasing a firearm or ammunition and from holding any firearms identification cards or permits.

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NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt Takes a Stand for Legal Gun Owners


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Trenton NJ, this week, the Assembly Judiciary Committee voted on a set of new bills that would add new restrictions on purchasing and owning firearms in New Jersey. NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt, standing up for legal gun owners, released the following statement:

“It’s time that New Jersey Republicans stop worrying about who they might offend and start standing up for what they believe in.  That includes protecting the rights of New Jersey’s legal gun owners.

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New Jersey is Now limiting the ability of law enforcement officers

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Heather Darling, Heather is a layer from Morris County 

Trenton NJ, N.J.S.A. 2C:39-3, the Statute recently amended to further limit the capacity of gun magazines is being interpreted to include that law enforcement officers are not permitted to possess “large-capacity magazines” capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously into semi-automatic firearms, unless while on duty or travelling to or from an authorized place of duty. The statute is applicable to all law enforcement officers, including those subject to on-call status.

The notion that this could possibly be designed to keep citizens safe is ludicrous. While an on-duty officer is considered capable of safely possessing and operating a gun with a so-called large capacity magazine, this statute proposes that, from the moment that an officer is off-duty, he or she is no longer able to safely possess and operate a firearm with a so-called large capacity magazine.

Additionally, where law abiding citizens have been ordered to turn in the so-called large capacity magazines, criminals with illegal guns will certainly not be turning in theirs.

New Jersey already prohibits carry permits for citizens in all but the most exceptional circumstances. This places the protection of our citizens squarely on the shoulders of law enforcement officers.

It is unlikely the legislature forgetting that police officers are often aided by off-duty law enforcement personnel until back-up can arrive and, at times, it is off-duty personnel initially addressing situations until on-duty officers arrive at the scene.

Now New Jersey is limiting the ability of law enforcement officers, normally having carry permits by virtue of their training, knowledge and having passed a rigorous background check, to protect our citizens. This act of limiting the capacity of magazines in the guns carried by off-duty law enforcement officers certainly seems to demonstrate that the amendment of N.J.S.A. 2C:39-3 is to further disarm citizens, including police, and remove their ability to protect themselves rather than to prevent mass casualty situations as those pushing this legislation would have us believe.

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Murphy Sides with Illegals and Criminals Moving New Jersey one Step Closer, “Sanctuary State” status

Phill Murphy -Sara Medina del Castillo

January 28,2018

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Trenton NJ, This week Governor Phil Murphy was involved  with a series of announcements demonstrating he will be taking sides against residents and citizens and favoring illegals and criminals.

The Governor “Sanctuary Phil” Murphy campaigned on massive tax raises and turning New Jersey into a sanctuary state . This week he moved that agenda forward .

First on January 24th NJ Attorney General Grewal announced alongside Governor Phil Murphy that the NJ Office of the Attorney General will use all the tools it has to protect the rights of Dreamers so they can enjoy the American Dream and to ensure the safety and well-being of all New Jerseyans, regardless of their immigration status.

Then on the 26th ,NJ Attorney General Grewal spoke on his focus of restricting legal gun owners rights and New Jersey’s intention to tighten restrictions on handgun-carry permits to combat gun violence for a safer state, despite the fact that criminals don’t get gun permits.


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Criminals No Longer the Only Ones to Carry Guns in New Jersey


Governor Christie Amends Regulations on Individuals’ Right to Firearms for Self-Defense with Commonsense Reforms
March 10th 2017

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Private Citizens May Prove They Are Under “Serious Threats” For Issuance of a Permit to Carry a Handgun

Trenton, NJ , Governor Chris Christie today announced the adoption of a revised regulation regarding applications for handgun carry permits, after his administration considered input during an official 60-day public comment period.

The revised regulation will allow a chief of police or the Superintendent of the Division of State Police, who review handgun carry permit applications, to consider evidence of “serious threats” that are not directed specifically at an individual, but which establish more than mere generalized fears or concerns.

This action taken by the Division of State Police amends paragraph (1) of subsection (d) of the permit application by adding “serious threats” to the circumstances that could demonstrate a special danger to an applicant’s life that a private citizen may specify in a written certification of justifiable need to carry a handgun. The changes also clarify that a permit to carry a handgun may be issued based on a special danger to the applicant’s life that cannot be avoided by other “reasonable” means.

The amendment harmonizes the regulatory definition of “justifiable need” with the construction of that standard by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

The original proposal was published at 48 N.J.R. 377(a), which is available at

Today’s adoption does not change the process for obtaining a permit to carry a handgun.

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Meet Joe Rullo he want to drain the Swamp in Trenton


January 13,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, like many of you we have been concerned over the State of New Jersey’s sustainability . The tax base in New Jersey has been under precipitous decline since Jon Corzine. Soon there will be no one here left to pay all the taxes .

In 2017, New Jersey voters will elect a new governor to succeed Chris Christie. So far many of the potentials are same old same old from ,Murphy (Corzine2.0) to our Lt .Gov.

One of the people vying for the Republican Joe Rullo you can find him on Facebook ; Rullo for Governor 2017. He is running a very Trump inspired unorthodox campaign relying heavily on social media .

Basically we went to his website and let him speak for himself ; “As Governor I will reduce property taxes, repeal the $.23 gas tax, dissolve the transportation SLUSH fund, Veto all tax increases, cut billions in political earmarked jobs and contracts, eliminate state income taxes on pensions for retirees and add 1 billion in new revenue sources to further lower taxes. I Will dissolve the Transportation Trust Fund and consolidate all highway authorities eliminating redundant high level management positions, eliminate high cost earmark & specialty contracts tied to contributors.. It will produce millions in savings with shared services and purchases.

I will eliminate tolls and repeal the gas tax with the savings from the new efficient transparent highway entity. I will also eliminate 1.3 billion in pension fees to NYC politically connected brokerage houses and replace with licensed brokers in the state investors division to pay towards pension payment.

Superintendents and business administrators need to be reduced drastically. Instead of having one superintendent and business administrator per school district, we need to cut the number to one per county. By consolidating superintendents & business administrators, we can save $50 million per year by eliminating superintendents alone. And will work to also eliminate municipal tax assessors to one per county. I will fire hundreds of high-salary patronage jobs like indicted Port Authority’s David Wildstein, as an example, saving hundreds of millions of dollars to cut taxes.

Second Amendment Stance

First – I will appoint 2A justices. Governor Christie just appointed a liberal Democrat. Silence from everyone?

Second. I will elect Republicans to control both houses instead of running for President.

Third. I will appoint Pro 2A/ Carry Conceal NJ AG for the obvious reasons.

Fourth. I will exhaust executive process and test courts. And like I have more than proven will work with expert 2A resources to reach the goal of Carry Conceal without justifiable need in NJ. Most importantly, I will present the argument of the change in times with domestic terrorist, shooters, and gangs all carrying illegally regardless of the law – leaving the law abiding sitting ducks.


I want to make NJ the capital of where veterans can count on love, respect, and the care a hero deserves. I want NJ to be the model of how veterans should be treated.

As Governor I pledge:

To fight to eliminate state income taxes on all veterans pension regardless of age.
Transition NJ hospitals to accept VA health benefits.
Hire unemployed veterans to protect NJ against terrorist & domestic shooters.
Create a cabinet position, “No Veteran Left Behind”.
Our US Senator Booker visits prisons to advocate for cheaper phone calls for prisoners, but has not visited a NJ VA hospital. I will fight for the heroes who gave us our happiness and freedom.


Since the start of No Child Left Behind and continued under Race to the Top, NJ parents and students have been saddled with the Common Core Standards. Parents feel like they can’t help their children with their homework because it is something they have never learned before and the children are left floundering in schools with too many children and not enough teachers to explain things to them. The State then decided to force the PARCC (Partnership for Readiness for College and Careers) test on our children. This has resulted in schools and teachers focusing their teaching efforts, not on learning, but on test results. This is wrong and only hurts our children who deserve a comprehensive learning program not a regimen of tests.

As Governor I will end PARCC testing completely and direct the Department of Education to draw up new, independent education standards that will return NJ to the top of the best educated Students in the Country.

Students come out of High School and don’t know how to balance a checkbook, write a resume or know anything about personal credit. Common Core needs to become Common Sense. Teachers need to be allowed to teach and not recite facts mandated from Washington, or some Corporation making money from our tax dollars. We need to provide better opportunities for students who decide to enter the workforce directly from high school with expanded vocational schools. The future of New Jersey depends on it!

Illegal immigration

Illegal immigration destroyed the Landscaping industry for legal businesses following the laws, and is just as devastating to NJ jobs. It’s difficult to compete with a business not paying payroll taxes, employee comp, and not following the same rules. All the jobs lost are directly proportional to NJ unemployment. Just ask business owners following the rules. Ask the employees unemployed or underemployed. Imagine the losses to employee comp insurance revenue and state income taxes. The impact on rates for businesses following the law!

Many illegal immigrants are now running businesses themselves with illegal employees charging less than half of what a job is worth. This summer I couldn’t do a job for cost what an illegal competitor was charging. One of these illegal business owners drives around with a fraudulent license from Mexico with a New Jersey address. He built his business stealing accounts from his former employer for 10 plus years who also used illegal immigrants. The company was fined 13k for failing to have a home improvement license last year. The courts are buried in old warrants from illegal immigrants who never show up to court. They don’t exist.

Our police are overburdened with hands virtually tied because NJ is a sanctuary state. Out of state license plates and DMV fraud are the law of the land. As Governor I will implement E- Verify for all employees working in New Jersey and work with President Donald Trump to eliminate sanctuary cities across NJ. Everyone must follow the same rules in business and follow the law. Our veterans will of NJ will be first priority in NJ hospitals not illegal immigrants.

Heroin Epidemic

There are numerous examples of heroin dealers getting probation for first time offenses in NJ. All it takes is one time to kill someone with this poison they call heroin. Tell the families who have lost loved ones to this poison that first time dealers should get a break. No heroin dealer should get off with probation fo non violent first offense. I will do everything in my power as Governor to make it a living hell for heroin dealers in NJ. With that being said they should be charged for attempt of murder for distribution and automatic manslaughter if someone dies from their distribution. Backed up court systems enabling these criminals to poison our society for court dates as long as one year or more will be another main focus.

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State Sen. Gerald Cardinale : Lawful citizens should be able to carry guns, not just Criminals


March 25,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood  blog

Trenton NJ,  A veteran state lawmaker State Sen. Gerald Cardinale (R-Bergen) is at it again saying on Thursday he will soon launch another push to make it easier for law-abiding residents in New Jersey to obtain permits to carry a handgun.

On Tuesday Cardinale introduced a measure that sparked controversy . Measure (S1982) that would allow legislators and judges in the state to obtain carry permits if they complete at least eight hours of training.

Critics and proponents alike said it amounted to nothing more than the state bring “dueling” back to Trenton Dueling a time honored tradition in Politics  was made most notable in New Jersey by the Burr–Hamilton duel . The former secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton, and sitting vice president, Aaron Burr, dueled on July 11, 1804. The duel was the culmination of a long and bitter rivalry between the two men. The duel took place .in Weehawken, in New Jersey, Burr shot and mortally wounded Hamilton. Hamilton was carried to the home of William Bayard on the Manhattan shore, where he died the next day.

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Veteran Senator Gerald Cardinale to Reintroduce Dueling to Trenton Legislator

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The Rules are for Everyone else : Politicians Seek to Carry Guns while residents are denied

Bergen Senator Seeks Gun Carry Permits for Judges and Legislators

Veteran Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-39) wants New Jersey to allow legislators, as well as judges at the superior and municipal court levels, to obtain permits to carry handguns provided they complete at least eight hours of firearm safety training. Max Pizarro, PolitickerNJ Read more

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Christie’s Gun Violence Commission Points Finger at Mental Health

Tuscon shooting rampage suspect Jared Lee Loughner ruled not mentally competent to stand trial

N.J. violence commission report puts spotlight on mental illness, gun violence

A long-awaited report from a commission formed in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut recommends reforms to the state’s mental health programs to help curb violence. S.P. Sullivan, Read more

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Democrat Senate president “Benito” Sweeney looks to stem protests outside his home


June 18, 2015 7:39 AM
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WEST DEPTFORD NJ,  Protests outside the home of New Jersey’s state Senate president Stephen Sweeney could be outlawed by a newly proposed ordinance.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the West Deptford Township Committee introduced an ordinance Wednesday to overhaul its loitering ordinance and regulate picketing in residential areas.

The measure would ban picketing that’s targeted at and within 100 feet of a house in the Gloucester County town. Picketing beyond that point would be limited to no more than 10 people for one hour every two weeks.

Sweeneys home has recently been the target of 2nd Amendment activist who staged two protests at Democratic Sen. Stephen Sweeney’s home.

Officials in West Deptford say the ordinance was introduced because of protests requiring police, but they haven’t mentioned Sweeney.Critics has blasted the measure as a blatant attack on free speech and typical New Jersey politicians playing favorites and protecting their own .