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Peace, Love, and Antisemitism in Ridgewood

photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, yesterdays Ben and Jerry’s story gathered some interesting comments , oddly the same company boycotting Israel will sell ice in Iran were gays are hung for being gay . And for those who “really care about the Palestinians, they have more rights in Israel than any Arab country by far.

One blog commenter summed it all up , “The small business owner had, and continues to have, an opportunity to state their position and distance themselves from B & J corporate if they so chose. They haven’t done that…so others have peacefully let the owner know their position. Peace, Love, and Antisemitism”

Some other comments were clearly bigoted and a bit creepy and remember these are your neighbors :

“Makes me want some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!”

“I think we are seriously running out of things to complain about”

“Those protesters are against American values and freedom of speech.”

Our favorite a veiled bigoted comment , “Enough is enough. Now we all have to be careful of our words. Everyone of us has said something that someone didn’t like. Get over it, isnt there something more important to worry about??. Like world peace, love one another without violence, gun control. Look around I’m quite sure there is something else you can ffnd to protest about.”

If you don’t know what the above picture is that part of the problem. And the fake ignorance is really disgusting. So lets take down those virtue signaling rainbow flags and have a little look in the mirror !


3 thoughts on “Peace, Love, and Antisemitism in Ridgewood

  1. Concentrate more on the potential genocide shaping up here. National socialism has taken hold in America in a different form with different scapegoats. And oh by the way, the owners of this business have zero connection to or control over Ben & Jerry. If they lose business it won’t hurt Ben & Jerry at all.

  2. Quite the rabble

  3. Do they need a permit to do that. Just asking

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