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Reader Warns , “intelligence will be mistakenly perceived by the deranged mob as intransigence, and the people who express it attacked and “canceled”

“We’ve imbibed so much fear-mongering propaganda, and done so in such a docile, unquestioning manner, that we have suffered psychological damage. Six months of psyops has produced a great deal of mental and emotional scar tissue. We’ve impaired our ability to think, not only as individuals, but also collectively at every level–local, county, state, as a country, and as a species (globally). Groupthink is putting us in a deeper and deeper rut of stupid every day now. The bad decisions we are making now will have untoward ramifications for years or even decades unless sanity somehow re-emerges and is allowed to prevail. The problem is, intelligence will be mistakenly perceived by the deranged mob as intransigence, and the people who express it attacked and “canceled”.

The dynamic of Groupthink is now kicking into higher gear. Demented minds are collectively producing poorer and poorer decisions. If we don’t soon get a hold of ourselves as a society, the edifice of reasoned self-government we’ve been building for the past few centuries here on this side of the Atlantic will continue to weaken. It might even collapse.”

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  1. Rockland county had a psych center available, take a chill pill

  2. “Rockland county had a psych center available, take a chill pill”

    So let’s say someone is not willing to adopt and promote drastically life-changing opinions as promulgated by the likes of the CDC, the celebrated Mr. Fauci, or the Scarf Queen, who are falling all over themselves, and each other, to get credit for inventing some kind of “new normal” requiring unrelated humans to be struck with a strange new fear of one other, and to spread out from each other permanently like atoms in a crystal lattice while standing on silly stickers, unless, of course, they are: a) engaging in certain types of protests approved of in advance by our betters among the radical progressive movement (an exception Principal “Powder Keg” Gorman will surely appreciate), b) rioting (Chief “Take a Knee” Luthcke might finally balk at this one), or c) celebrating “Taste the Rainbow” month by exploring new and interesting ways of exploring and expressing their sexuality (as advised and encouraged by seemingly every elected officeholder and prominent administrator associated with Village of Ridgewood government, the Ridgewood School District, and all of our schools, including our elementary schools).

    Instead, this person tends to react with skepticism toward the media-magnified utterances of such “experts”, is not shy about pointing out that they are all unelected bureaucrats, most of whom at heart really only crave fame, or at least invitations to the right cocktail parties in Washington D.C. and elsewhere, easily recognizes their transparently radical political agendas, and refuses to ignore their patently obvious conflicts of interest.

    This person further thinks that the changes to our lives that are necessary in response to new pathogens as they arise are actually far fewer in number than such “experts” advise, should be much less drastic in scale, and, without exception, must be subject to automatic elimination upon the expiration of temporary periods of time (months at most, not years) defined by legitimate emergency declarations, such declarations being subject to regular review by our elected representatives in the state legislature, and such periods of time being similarly subject to truncation as appropriate.

    You seem to think such a person should not be given any kind of platform, but instead silenced and censored for thought crimes.

    In the United States of You, apparently, such a person, once observed and singled out by Big Brother for non-compliance, would promptly be seized by force, hauled out of their house, isolated in a psych facility, and declared insane.

    Are we living in Bizarro-world? If so, at least we’ve been given fair warning about what’s to come.

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

  3. ‘Media hostility to hydroxychloroquine fuels hysteria about supposed dangers’ – US & Canada

    According to an analysis by Jeremy Gordon in The Duran media misinformation may be subverting effective treatment to end the coronavirus crisis.

    Examining the evidence for and against the treatment regimen championed by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD, Gordon examines whether hydroxychloroquine works or not, if it is safe or dangerous, and whether it should be used as a treatment for the virus.

    Zelenko looked at treatments being used in China and Korea and administered his hydroxychloroquine protocol to 405 patients over 60 or with high-risk problems such as diabetes, asthma, obesity, hypertension, or shortness of breath. In this high risk group he claimed to have cut hospital admission and mortality rates compared to what could be expected without treatment by 80 to 90%.

    Dr. Zelenko sent a letter to President Trump urging him to issue an executive order to roll out the treatment that the FDA was blocking. Trump announced that hydroxychloroquine looked like it could be a “game-changer”, and from that moment, Gordon says, the politicization of hydroxychloroquine began.

    Gordon concludes that “the media hostile to hydroxychloroquine downplayed or cast doubt on the many successful studies and trials with hydroxychloroquine and made the most of the faulty trials as proof that the drug Trump had touted didn’t work.

    “For the media it seems to have been more about scoring political points and increasing their audience ratings rather than investigative reporting which uncovers the truth. For those who are dying and their families and friends as a result of this treatment not being used because of media misinformation it is lives tragically lost, and for the rest of us it is our economies sinking, businesses failing, and unemployment, poverty and suffering rising.

    “Hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved, and loss ruin, suffering and devastation to our economies and societies avoided if we simply started using this safe, cheap and readily available treatment. It is a ludicrous and tragic farce that because of the massive misinformation on behalf of corporate greed and political point scoring that we are not.”

    Gordon recalls that National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was supposed to be advising Trump, disagreed with Zelenko and backed Gilead’s rival treatment Remdesivir. YouTube deleted a video of Dr. Zelenko talking about the treatment on his rabbi’s channel and despite objections that there was nothing wrong with the video YouTube never reinstated it.

    In this YouTube video interview with Rudy Giulliani from July 1, which activists fear may be deleted by the time you read this, Dr. Zelenko claims 99.3% survival rate for the high-risk patients he has treated:

    Gordon writes: “Professor Didier Raoult of Marseilles used a similar protocol to Dr. Zelenko without the zinc. His study with a small group using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin showed a fifty-fold benefit. He then went on to get similar results with a much larger group of 1,061 patients. Contrary to the warnings the media had been running that hydroxychloroquine would cause heart problems, no cardiac toxicity was observed and he achieved a mortality rate of only 0.5%.

    “The trials that confirm Dr. Zelenko’s and Prof. Raoult’s finding have been mostly ignored or dismissed by the anti-hydroxychloroquine media. The trials that they have given attention to are those that supposedly show that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t help or even increases the death rate.

    “Statistics from the US Veterans hospital study (Magagnoli, 2020) showed patients who were given hydroxychloroquine died more frequently than those who did not.

    “In this study hydroxychloroquine was only given to patients who were already seriously ill and those who were getting better without any treatment were not given it. Predictably those given hydroxychloroquine did worse than the untreated group but those conducting the study claimed it as proof that hydroxychloroquine did not work. Professor Raoult commented ‘In the current period, it seems that passion dominates rigorous and balanced scientific analysis and may lead to scientific misconduct. The study by Magagnoli et al is an absolutely spectacular example of this.’

    “One of the collaborators in the trial reportedly received a $260 million grant from Gilead Sciences Inc. which produces the rival treatment Remdesivir.

    “Another study that supposedly showed that hydroxychloroquine was dangerous and didn’t work came from a group that claimed to have data on hydroxychloroquine use for Covid-19 from hospitals around the world The study was published on 22 May in the Lancet medical journal. The results were immediately disputed by one of the Australian hospitals from which Surgisphere, the company which supplied the data claimed to have obtained it.

    “Following this a group of 140 scientists, researchers, and statisticians wrote an open letter to the Lancet and the authors of the study questioning the data used. A Guardian investigation revealed that Surgisphere was run by employees who lacked any scientific background. One was a science fiction author and fantasy artist and another was an ‘adult model and events hostess’. The Lancet conducted an independent investigation, retracted the study and in an interview with The New York Times, Dr. Richard Horton, the editor in chief admitted that the study should never have appeared in his journal.

    “On the basis of the flawed Lancet study the WHO suspended the hydroxychloroquine trials it was sponsoring. When the study was retracted they resumed them briefly but soon after suspended them again on the results of another faulty study, the Oxford University’s ‘RECOVERY Trial’.

    “The researchers in this trial gave patients massive doses of hydroxychloroquine without the necessary addition of azithromycin and they started treatment too late. That the RECOVERY Trial was never going to work was pointed out on the Covexit website two months before it started.”

    Gordon continues: “The media hostile to hydroxychloroquine successfully whipped up hysteria about its supposed dangers although it has an excellent safety record and it is not even alongside aspirin on the WHO list of the 100 most dangerous drugs. Specialists and doctors prescribing hydroxychloroquine for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus have confirmed that thousands of patients are being prescribed the same dose Dr. Zelenko is giving for five days for years on end without problems.

    “Were the failed studies faulty because of ignorance or by design? Who gains from them? The drug companies can’t make much money on a generic drug, and they found in the media and the scientific community willing accomplices to stop its use. Gilead Sciences Inc. gives grants in addition to those mentioned above to Oxford University and the WHO. Is it possible that people in these prestigious institutions may have their integrity compromised by money, or is it mere coincidence that Gilead with their rival treatment is funding them?

    “Some of the media will do anything to make Trump look like a fool and these faulty trials were the perfect opportunity.”

  4. Vindicated? Trump-touted COVID-19 drug hydroxychloroquine works, according to new study

    The anti-malaria drug that President Trump touted as a possible treatment for coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine, successfully lowered the death rate among hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the most recent study of the drug.

    By Sharyl Attkisson

    Last Updated:
    July 3, 2020 – 8:49am

    The anti-malaria drug that President Trump touted as a possible treatment for coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine, successfully lowered the death rate among hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the most recent study of the drug.

    The large-scale analysis, conducted by Henry Ford Health System, was published Thursday in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

    The study examined 2,541 patients who had been hospitalized in six hospitals between March 10 and May 2, 2020.

    More than twenty-six percent (26.4%) of patients who did not receive hydroxychloroquine died.

    But among those who received hydroxychloroquine, fewer than half that number — 13% — died.

    More than 90% of the patients received hydroxychloroquine within 48 hours of admission to the hospital. Scientists say giving the drug early during illness may be a key to success.

    The study’s authors also found one concern flagged in previous reports about hydroxychloroquine did not materialize: heart-related adverse events.

  5. Hydroxychloroquine is deemed “bad” because:
    1) It’s established and there is no big money to be made
    2) Trump said positive things about it.

  6. This site is the cyber equivalent of a deranged mob. GreAt to see the dark Underside of the quaint village

  7. Midriff up front!!!!

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