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Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad Unit responds to a suspicious package at BLM Rally in Ridgewood

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad Unit responded to investigate a suspicious package found underneath a park bench during the rally.  Protesters were leaving the park to begin marching when the package was discovered by a plain clothes police officer assigned to internal park security.  A section of the park was subsequently cordoned off with yellow police line/caution tape until Bomb Squad Unit technicians arrived.  Contents of the package were determined to be harmless following inspection by technicians (a pair of old shoes).

11 thoughts on “Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad Unit responds to a suspicious package at BLM Rally in Ridgewood

  1. I recall stories of 1960s riots and how normal men would get together and beat the sh!t out of rioters to keep them away from their homes. Seemed so uncivilized. How can you beat up the people who’re just trying to make a statement?

    Fast forward to today and I wonder how many weeks from now we’ll be administering street justice onto BLM “teens” because enough is enough?

  2. They should not issue any permits for any more parades like this. The police department is doing an excellent job on controlling safety. Some of these protesters are just wise asses, very rude and disrespectful.

  3. The Cops were arrested who murdered Floyd. What are they gonna do protest forever? This isn’t about Floyd anymore. This is about over throwing our Country. It’s time to end this mayhem STAT!!!!!!

  4. I saw pics posted by Boyd on FB and what I saw was a bunch of losers surrounded by a few menacing thugs with helmets. I bet majority of participants are not even from RW. The more these “protests” escalate the higher the danger for turmoil and crime. Once RW turns into an epicenter scum will congregate to exploit the situation as police will be overwhelmed. Fasten your seatbelts. A car thief was spotted in my very quiet part of town only 2 nights ago. It had never happened in many years that I have been living here. Having a weapon at home doesn’t sound so crazy anymore. I don’t have one and I am worried for my family and property.

  5. And again. No publicity is the human trafficking rally July 30. Ridgewood is becoming a joke. I saw the FB pictures most likely trying to cause a controversy.
    I was absolutely appalled when I saw the pics and video posted in the comments of the RWPD actually blocked the roads to let these losers walk the streets. They even had no leader in the front. I am 100 percent behind ridgewood police. I am sure the orders to do this came from above.
    Ridgewood had two protests or whatever they called it after Floyd. One at vets and one walk to the YMCA.
    Enough is enough. The same guy with the bullhorn. Same people.
    TIME TO HAVE A SUPPORT THE BLUE Ralley in ridgewood.

  6. Who is paying for the extra police for these every two weeks so it seems rally’s? How many so far?
    Yep. RIDGEWOOD TAX PAYERS. Let the black liberation pay for the extra law enforcement and EMT’s

  7. It is their goal to overwhelm the police and the community with tiring endless protests to wear them down and make them lose patience. Once someone gets a little mistreated by a nervous police staff or a frustrated town resident all hell about defunding the police will break lose. I wouldn’t be surprised if the sick minds behind these gatherings would like to turn us into Portland. Anything can be expected from these psychos. In the process crime benefits.
    Is there a rule about how many protests someone can organize within a period of time? What happens if they ask for a protest every day? Do they need a permit to organize meetings and marches?

  8. Did anyone else see the Minneapolis arrest video on Fox News the other night…?

    This was footage of Floyd’s arrest taken by the cameras attached to the cops’ uniform. Floyd was high as a kite (fentanyl). One of the side effects of fentanyl is shortness of breath.

    In any event, this footage was held back by the prosecutor who happens to be African American.

    This will eventually pass … just like 2014 (Ferguson, Kaepernick, etc). Order will be restored….

  9. Get a job – novel idea

  10. So very true with the taxpayers have to pay for all this bullshit If any individual or a group would like to have a protest or parade, then you pay for the police fire EMTs emergency services barricades and so on.

  11. “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Have you read that?

    You “constitutionalists” are hypocrites of the highest order. What these kids are doing is the most American thing possible.

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