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Village Council Candidates Wietz , Brooks, Willett and their supporters play the “Gabbert Card”

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May 8,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Mayor Paul Aronsohn  and his coalition Village council candidates Wietz , Brooks, Willett  are trying to play the “Gabbert Card”once again but don’t be fooled.
Mayor Paul Aronsohn voted yes to every single budget from the day he got on the council until now. And was there during Tom Rica theft and never noticed parking utility discrepancies until then.

While Bernie Walsh’s record is far more thoughtfull, she didn’t vote in 2011 and voted no in 2012. Voted yes in 2013 and no to operating budget but yes to Capital budget in 2014.

During Bernie’s tenure the Police contract was renegotiated saving Ridgewood $250K for the lifetime of each new officer hired. and the Village reduced to one Captain and two Lieutenants.

The Ridgewood news reported that the Village Council at a special public meeting on Monday will lower the starting salary for officers coming into the department after Dec. 1 to $32,000, down from the previous starting salary of $49,273, according to the ordinance.

By the way unlike some current candidates and council members Mayor Killion ,do to a “30-year distinguished career” in the Ridgewood police department,recused himeself from all police contract negotiations .

And if they really want to play the Gabbert card maybe they should remember how many new people Queen Bee Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld hired  help her do her job such as the HR person for about hundred thousand and that not counting her platinum health care and pension. In hind sight Gabbert’s raise does not bad compared hiring a new HR person. It is important to note that even after Gabberts raise he still made far less than his predecessor and far less that the new combo of Village Manager plus HR person .

According to the Kelly Ebbels of the Ridgewood News an article Paul has on his own website , the “Incentive bonuses can be awarded from a total pool of more than $80,000, Gabbert said. He estimated that the change from automatic raises to incentive bonuses could yield more than $40,000 a year in savings”, which then Councilman Paul Aronsohn voted against the proposal.

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Reader reports unwanted Ridgewood Council Candidate Brooks, Weitz and Willett “Robo” call blitz


The robo phone calls blitz starts. Got a robo message on answering machine tonight from R.Brooks saying to vote for him, Weitz and other for council, and that he paid for this message. Caller I.D. says 201-345-4962 Ridgewood, NJ.. Report call as Spam. Following same tactics as someone else we all know who’s used robo calls, signs in CBD planters to vote yes for garage, signs in tree wells. I will Not vote for them.

Rather, I am voting for the candidates who will put Ridgewood and the residents in their best interest – Voigt, Walsh and Hache. Matter of fact, concerned citizens and supporters of Voigt, Walsh and Hache, went respectfully door to door in neighborhoods today with flyers to remind people to vote on May 10th. Thank you, well received.

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Ron Simoncini previously linked to a Hoboken, Hudson County mess with some dubious mail-in ballots ?

Hudson County Machine Politics

May 3,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Progress Ridgewood? Ridgewood 2020? The Truth About Ridgewood Facebook page moderated by Ron Simoncini who was previously linked to a Hoboken, Hudson County mess with some dubious mail-in ballots. Google away using search terms Simoncini, Hoboken, mail in ballots, etcetera. Isn’t Mr. Simoncini the big time supporter behind the Weitz, Willet, Brooks ticket? Pay attention Ridgewood. Link here to one article but there’s more if you care to dig for The Truth. By the way Ridgewood had over 450 votes by mail for garage referendum in Nov. hmmm..–Rent-control-referendum-results-stand–and-shed-light-on-dubious-election-pastime–?instance=latest_story

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The Progress Ridgewood group Weitz, Willett and Brooks Event tonight at Park West

Paul V garage pledge

May 2,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The progress Ridgewood group has an ad in the paper saying those are the 3 that will be at the candidates forum at Park West Loft on May 2nd.

The Progress Ridgewood group is clearly the developer sponsored group .You can only go, if you signed the pledge, so i guess that means they signed it. Nice to know that 3 of the candidates have already decided to be exclusionary, and not listen to others that may have a different opinion then them.

At the candidates debate, all 6 candidates said the current council has been too divisive. Some of the language from the 3 that signed the pledge said “all groups need to be included and involved”, “the council works for everybody. Everybody needs to be informed”, “lead by example”, “public discourse needs to be lifter to a higher level”, “inclusiveness, solutions, and a united approach to figuring out where we’re going, and how to get there”.

Nice to know that the 3 have already shown us that their words don’t mean much, since their actions have proven to be the opposite.
If you want your village government to be exclusionary, then you know who to vote for, Weitz Willet and Brooks.

If you want your village government to be individually thinking people, with varying backgrounds, who are willing to discuss the issues with anyone, you need to vote for Voigt, Hache and Walsh.

Anyone who would like to challenge Weitz, Willett and Brooks on any or all issues should make themselves known at Park West Tavern tonight, 7PM. There is a Happy Hour sponsored by Progress Ridgewood. Maybe you’ll get a free beer and a handful of nachos for your troubles.

Anyway, here are the bullet points that came with the invite:

Each of these experts can bring financial, legal and communication skills to Ridgewood’s Village Council.
They will be the most thoughtful stewards of your tax dollars.
They can successfully negotiate necessary compromises.
They are constructive, not de-constructive.
They epitomize character.

Weitz Willet and Brooks signed the Paul Vaggianos pledge.Bernie Jeff and Ramon refused, that says it all .

A reader says, “Personally, I would not lower myself to drinking their free beer. It would make me feel like Louie at that last scene of Casablanca where he looks down and sees that he has been drinking Vichy water and he tosses it out in disgust.
Tonight’s event was the set up they tried – – the “debate” where you had to pledge allegiance to the developers – – let it be poorly attended. they are trying to whitewash the fact these candidates are for massive overbuilding in our downtown. Their party line at the public debate was “call me an optimist, I am sure the developers will do just fine” and “bring on those additional school children to our overcrowded schools.”