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Fireworks at Ridgewood Village Council Meeting

Mayor Susan Knudsen

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Mayor Kundsen took to task some of her detractors on Wednesday night calling residents Jeanne Johnson comments “offensive, inappropriate  and entirely inaccurate” , then went further accusing Ms. Johnson of bullying .

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Ridgewood’s New Three Amigos – Voigt, Perron and Johnson

Ridgewood Village Hall 17

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood  NJ, former councilmen  Jeff  Voigt,  has developed a seemingly insatiable habit of sending a steady stream of letters to the various news outlets and social media sites.  In these letters he includes exaggerations, off-the-wall opinions, and total falsehoods about all manner of Village of Ridgewood business.  He clearly is driven by a hatred for one or two of his former council colleagues, and lets this flow in a diarrheic stream of false vitriol.

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Reader says, “The dark side is supporting Loncto for BOE”

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The dark side is supporting Loncto for BOE. Signs are on the lawns of Voigt, Sonenfeld, Aronsohn, Jeanne Johnson, Willett. Are you going to endorse a candidate on The Blog? It has to be Kaufman. He is not strong, that is for sure.. But he is sincere. Loncto sucks. At the debate the other night he was watching Fishbien and Hutton for cues. And Fishbein and Hutton were all but laughing out loud and they were slapping their knees every time Kaufman spoke. Loncto was appointed once and then ran unopposed the next time. With seven years of experience he still had to read pre-scripted answers to questions.The thing is, ANYONE BUT LONCTO. He is part of that toxic soup of the BOE and we have to start cleaning them out.

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Ridgewood : “bike lanes would only be for experienced bikers”

Bike Lane Traffic Easing Ridgewood

Readers say , “No one missed Rurik. No one. And we had plenty of insanity without him being there. Chris Rutishauser (he of the ghetto palms) and Jeanne Johnson (she of the ridiculous bike lanes) provided ample idiocy for one evening.

The dynamic duo of Chris and Jeanne should take their show on the road showing people how to accomplish nothing while antagonizing everyone. Also, the Bike Lane To No Where is hazardous to bikers as well as drivers. In stead of calming traffic, it makes us all annoyed and irritated!

Miss Jeanne actually said that the bike lanes would only be for experienced bikers (ie dangerous). Oh hell yes, this makes sense. Let’s put bike lanes that are dangerous for all but the most experienced bikers. Ummmm what happens when an inexperienced driver comes alongside an experienced biker. This whole thing is a disaster waiting to happen. Thank God it probably will not happen.

Jeanne Johnson was out of control ridiculous. And Rutishauser too. Who the hell do they think they are trying to pressure the council to sign off on a grant application when they have not seen the plans. Memo to Ruishauser: Aronsohn and Sonenfeld sent out grant applications that were filled with lies. This council does not play that way.”