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Sidewalk installations to continue on West Glen Avenue in Ridgewood

by Boyd Loving, photo by Boyd Loving
Ridgewood NJ, Village Engineer Christopher Rutishauser provided an update of the West Glen Avenue sidewalk installation safety initiative to Village Council members during their scheduled Wednesday evening Work Session meeting.

Despite concerns expressed by residents living on the south side of West Glen Avenue between Heights Road and North Monroe Street, Mr. Rutishauser informed members of the Council that sidewalks will be installed along that entire route.  The concerns expressed by residents include:

the potential loss of off-street parking areas

a likely intrusion into existing front yard surface areas

the proximity of sidewalks to the traveled roadway

a minimal impact, if any, on the problem of speeding vehicles along West Glen Avenue

$50,000 has already been earmarked to begin the planned work.  However, Council members were advised by Mr. Rutishauser that the entire project will likely cost significantly more.

7 thoughts on “Sidewalk installations to continue on West Glen Avenue in Ridgewood

  1. This is great news!!!
    I have been wishing for this to happen for years.
    Making Glen Ave walkable will open up access to many: access to the bus stop at N.Monroe, to the tennis courts, Park Wood Deli, for students to walk to GW and Willard. This is the kind of action that we seek from our local government. Adding sidewalks to Glen Ave will make Ridgewood far more walkable for the neighborhoods divided by Glen Ave. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! P.S. Don’t let the neighbors stop you like they did on Clinton, please!!

  2. About time W. Glen Ave. is extremely dangerous to walk on. I don’t know why it took so long.

  3. Yeah wait until the winter time when the plow trucks plow all that snow back good luck cleaning the snow off the sidewalk.

  4. Just remember that’s a county road. For some reason we have a big problem in the Village of Ridgewood with county roads. I’ve been living on a county road for over 50 years and it’s in horrible shape. For some reason Bergen county doesn’t repave reconstruct Bergen county roads in the Village of Ridgewood. Well for at least the past five years. You look at some of the county roads in our town there in horrible shape , Especially my Block Ackerman Avenue.

  5. The roads in this town, in general, are horrendous

  6. yes.

    Ridgewood USED TO get preferential treatment from state and county services (roads, police, post storm clean-up, etc) since we were a top tier town.

    NOW we are at the back of the line told to pay-up, shut-up, and feel lucky when services eventually arrive.

  7. And who’s running the show please what a joke.
    So embarrassing lack of experience.

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