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Sanity prevails – Ridgewood Village Council drops plan to ban signs from meetings

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the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, Plans to enact a ban on the display of signs during public meetings of the Ridgewood Village Council are no longer in play. This was confirmed on Thursday night by Village Attorney Matthew Rogers.

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Phil Murphy Executive Order 107 : Denying New Jersey Residents their Constitutional Rights, and Selectively enforced!

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, on March 21st, 2020 NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order 107 , denying New Jersey residents their constitutional rights . Governor Murphy justified his decision , “To mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and protect the capacity of New Jersey’s health care system for the state’s most vulnerable, Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 107, directing all residents to stay at home until further notice. The order provides for certain exceptions, such as obtaining essential goods or services, seeking medical attention, visiting family or close friends, reporting to work, or engaging in outdoor activities.”

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Reader says , ” The town is going to have to pass a law limiting how many “marches” one group is allowed in a year–6 months–even a month”

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photo by Boyd Loving

“The town is going to have to pass a law limiting how many “marches” one group is allowed in a year–6 months–even a month. Ridgewood limits garage sales and requires permits but these groups–who obviously don’t work, volunteer, do anything but waste Police and others time by planning things a number of times a week. We, as a community don’t have to put up with that. Why aren’t they forced to get permits? A march blocking traffic should be forced to get a permit or be kicked off the streets and charged a fee. It’s obvious from all the pictures that they proudly post that they are blocking both streets and sidewalks while they hold aloft incomprehensible signs. (burning crosses connect to what?) They have gotten by with so much trouble making that they think they walk on air and can never be challenged. Why Not? Why are they being allowed to continue this?”

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In Ridgewood it’s Free Speech for Some But Not For Others

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photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, anti protester and free speech advocate William Porterfield who exercised his own right to free speech during Saturdays ,“Ridgewood for Black Liberation” is now being harassed buy some the the very protesters who claim the mantle of free speech.

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Second Protest Planned at Apple Ridge

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Dear Mahwah, Ramsey and USR Residents and Friends,

It is time to organize our second protest against Toll Brothers at Apple Ridge. Following our first great protest this one promises to be even better!

Come and make your voices heard and protest the environmental damage that Toll Brothers are causing to our local environment and water. Bring family, friends and neighbors and support our community. Make some new friends, meet some old ones. Can’t stay for long, a short visit is great too! Short on time, drive by and honk your support!

Saturday July 21 12-4 pm.
269 E. Crescent Ave. Mahwah (on the Mahwah side of Apple Ridge)

Street parking is available, drinks and refreshments too!!

Bring signs, or your voice, wearing green is suggested and optional!

Hope to see you there!

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Women’s March on Washington what’s with the Outfits

Women's March on Washington

January 24,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Massive peaceful protests marked the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency as marchers converged on Washington and in cities and towns around the globe. Coined the Women’s March on Washington various liberal women’s groups descended on DC,”vowing to keep the pressure on an administration that has sowed worldwide unease”

The Ridgewood blog has one question, what’s with the outfits and Vagina costumes?  Were women protesting fashion sense?
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And one more question why not clean up your mess?
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10 charged in protest that shut down George Washington Bridge

GWB traffic1

By Craig McCarthy | NJ Advance Media for
on October 26, 2016 at 4:36 PM, updated October 26, 2016 at 5:08 PM

Police charged 10 people Wednesday in a protest on the George Washington Bridge that closed lanes and caused extensive delays during morning rush hour.

One of the protesters was a New Jersey resident, according to Port Authority police spokesman Joe Pentangelo. The eight were from New York and one was from California.

The immigrants’ rights demonstration stopped upper-level traffic completely for about 15 minutes before police arrested the protesters, who chained themselves to the bridge, blocking three lanes.

The demonstration caused up to 90-minute delays for drivers heading into the New York City. All lanes were reopened by 8:50 a.m.

The following people were charged in New York with reckless endangerment and criminal trespass:

Christina Fox, 27 , Oceanside, Calif
Felix Cepeda, 35,  Bronx, N.Y.
Diego Ibanez, 27, Brooklyn, NY
Karl Kumodz, 25, Brooklyn NY
Elana Gold-24, Brooklyn, NY
Claudia Palacios, 27, Brooklyn, NY
Jeremy Weissman, 22, Jericho, NY
Virgilio Aran, 38, East Orange, NJ
Juan Romero, 25, Queens, NY
Marco Abendano, 31, Bronx, NY

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Assemblyman Tim Eustace leads another Faux Protest Photo Op ‘Don’t donate to hate’ protest of PSE&G’s support of U.S. Rep. Garrett

New Jersey Assemblymen Tim Eustace
July 23,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Elizabeth NJ,  As a handful of craigslist hired or craigslist inspired people stood outside a PSE&G office Thursday, holding signs saying “Don’t donate to hate” and “Stop funding bigots,” company representatives watched from only a few feet away.

The faux protest of under 10 people of coarse grabbed the attention of New Jersey Media who answered the call for the photo op in what has become a well coordinated attack on Congressmen Scott Garrett .

The faux protest outside the PSE&G’s Elizabeth office was over PSE&G’s financial support of U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ 5th District), who last year allegedly said he had refused to pay dues to the House Republicans’ fundraising arm because it had supported gay candidates for office. While no video or sound recordings or even a transcript have been produced as they say never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D-Bergen, Passaic), has been on the band wagon since the beginning while Garrett’s alleged comments seem to bother Eustace far more the Democrat candidate Josh Gottheimer excepting money from disgraced former congressmen Bob Torcelli or Saudi Businessman known for beating his wives. After all un like New Jersey women are property in Saudi Arabia so it cant really be a big deal.

Eustace and a about a dozen other people have made it their mission to visit every New Jersey company that financially supports Garrett and convince them to withdraw their funding. And of coarse they ccan always count on their friends in the New Jersey media to cover their one sided ambitions.

While they have had some success ,some businesses, including First Energy, which owns Jersey Central Power and Light, have pledged to halt their donations.

Eustace was joined by Rahway city councilman Bob Bresenhan, Jr., one of the photo ops organizers, acknowledged that PSE&G advocates for its LGBT employees, but said it undercuts those efforts by supporting Garrett.

A spokesman for PSE&G said the company’s federal political action committee (PAC) donates to candidates both Democrats and Republicans — who support PSE&G’s business interests.

In March, Garrett told The Record political opponents had distorted his stance on gay congressional candidates. He said it is “everyone’s right” to run for office, but he would only back people who oppose same-sex marriage.

His reelection campaign manager, Sarah Neibart, on Thursday said the protesters were “political opportunists” seeking only to raise their own profiles.

“As Congressman Scott Garrett has stated many times, he believes in the right of all Americans to run for public office,” Neibart said. “This has been published on the record repeatedly, and yet apparently, that’s not good enough.”

Bresenhan said Garrett’s stance on gay candidates was only part of his problem with the congressman. He also takes issue with Garrett’s opposition to same-sex marriage and his sponsorship of legislation that would allow businesses to deny service to gay couples because of religious beliefs.
Perhaps Bresenhan’s time would be better spent at Muslim bakeries asking them to create gay wedding cakes? Or limiting campaign contributions from countries that murder gays , still support slavery or treat women as property ? We can bet more than 10 people would show up for those protests whether you paid them or not.

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Protest follows talk of demolishing Oradell mansion

Atwood-Blauvelt mansion


ORADELL — A former owner of the Atwood-Blauvelt Mansion said Thursday that the property’s current owner has signaled that it intends to file for a permit to demolish the historic structure.

Jeffrey Wells, who owned the home until 2011, said that representatives of CareOne, one of the state’s largest nursing home operators, informed him this week that “they were looking to do a walk-through on the house because they were going to apply for a demo permit.” Supporters of efforts to preserve the mansion, which was built in the 1890s, responded by staging a small demonstration there on Thursday.

But Timothy Hodges, CareOne’s chief strategy officer, said Thursday that the fate of the building has not yet been decided.

“Ever since CareOne acquired the property at 699 Kinderkamack Road in Oradell, it has continued to explore its development options for the property,” he said. “That process is still ongoing and no final decisions have been made.”

He added: “CareOne has not applied for a demolition permit from the Borough of Oradell.”

Borough Administrator Laura Graham confirmed that no such application had been filed as of Thursday afternoon.

Wells said the purpose for the walk-through would be to show CareOne’s construction professionals how the building receives utility services. The tour was scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday, he said.

But when those professionals saw about a dozen people displaying a banner reading “SAVE the BLAUVELT” on the property’s front lawn, they canceled the appointment, Wells said.

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Thousands set to protest Obama in Roseburg, Oregon, on Friday

protests obama

October 9, 201512:01 AM MST

On Friday, President Barack Obama plans to visit the community of Roseburg, Oregon, home of Umpqua Community College, the school that has become “ground zero” in the most recent gun control debate. But the president’s visit has raised the ire of many who believe his trip is intended to advance his gun control agenda. As of late Thursday, nearly 7,900 people have said they intend to protest Obama’s visit. On Thursday, Seattle’s KING-5 said that multiple protests are planned for the day, with at least two being held by the Douglas County Tea Party to show support for County Sheriff John Hanlin.

Early Thursday, the Facebook event “Defend Roseburg — Deny Barack Obama” boasted over 6,500 possible attendees. That number significantly increased in the course of the day, with the event gaining support nationwide. It is uncertain exactly how many of those will actually show up, however, as a number have said they are coming from California and elsewhere.

Event organizers have also announced protests in two separate locations. They intend to stay away from the funerals and some may bring firearms, they added, suggesting that those who come armed carry handguns as opposed to rifles.

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300 protest outside Planned Parenthood offices in Hackensack


AUGUST 22, 2015, 5:50 PM    LAST UPDATED: SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 2015, 5:54 PM

Approximately 300 protesters crowded the sidewalks on both sides of Main Street in Hackensack on Saturday for a two-hour anti-abortion demonstration outside the offices of Planned Parenthood, one of hundreds that were to take place around the country, including four in New Jersey

The protests were in response to undercover videos released by anti-abortion groups that advocates say show that Planned Parenthood is profiting off the sale of aborted fetuses for medical research. Planned Parenthood has denied that, saying payments they’ve received for fetal tissue merely reimburse their costs and that the statements of the Planned Parenthood officials captured on the videos were taken out of context.

Among the protestors in Hackensack on Saturday was Marjorie Cox, 71, who said she had never before demonstrated or spoken up about her anti-abortion beliefs until she watched the videos.

“I can’t believe this is happening anywhere in the world, let alone in the United States. It’s barbaric,” said Cox, of Maywood. “This is my first time to a protest. Now I’m going to get involved.”

The videos were created by the Center for Medical Progress, an organization founded in 2013 three long-time anti-abortion activists, according to a filing with the California Attorney General.

So far the group has released eight videos. The latest, released Friday, is two minutes long and has been described as a “teaser,” indicating that more videos may be released in the future. The first recording was released in July. Edited down to nine minutes, it shows a secret recording from a two-hour lunch between Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, and two people pretending to be buyers of fetal tissue.

“What would you expect for intact tissue?” asked one of the people posing as buyers.

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McDonald’s Workers Arrested at Protest Near Headquarters


McDonald’s Workers Arrested at Protest Near Headquarters

More than 100 McDonald’s (MCD) employees and some labor and clergy members were arrested after protesting for increased wages near the fast-food chain’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The event, the latest in a series of demonstrations by workers demanding $15-an-hour pay and the right to form a union, began at 1 p.m. local time yesterday, on the eve of McDonald’s Corp.’s shareholder meeting.

About 2,000 protesters, including about 325 McDonald’s workers in restaurant uniforms, stormed though the company’s campus entrance at Jorie Boulevard and Kroc Drive in Oak Brook, according to the organizers, holding signs that said, “We Are Worth More” and “My Union My Voice.” The Oak Brook Police Department estimated the number was 1,000 to 1,500.

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NAACP: Bring Photo ID To Protest Photo ID Laws


NAACP: Bring Photo ID To Protest Photo ID Laws

NAACP guidelines for marchers

Yehuda Remer

The NAACP planned a peaceful march to protest the requirement of voter ID laws on Saturday at the “Moral March on Raleigh.” Organizers said 20,000 to 30,000 Americans showed up to the protest. Rev. William Barber, president of the state NAACP, stated, “We return to Raleigh with a renewed strength and a renewed sense of urgency. This Moral March inaugurates a fresh year of grassroots empowerment, voter education, litigation and nonviolent direct action.”

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In a flyer sent out entitled “Important Do’s and Don’ts for Marchers,” some very responsible marching elements were listed for people’s safety.

The most ironic recommendation on the list comes half way down, where march coordinators tell recipients:

“DO bring photo identification (driver’s license, passport or other valid photo ID) with you and keep it on your persons at all times.”